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Our Infrastructure

We work hard to fully understand our clients business so that we might find the best design solutions and tailor them to their specific needs and goals.

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Water Facility

We have procured GIDC’s 1-inch water connection that provides us round the clock water supply. Our storage capacity consists of two underground tanks of 10,000 litres each and two over-head tanks of 5,000 litres each giving us 30,000 litres in total to fulfil our daily requirement of around 15000 litres per day.

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Machine Capacity

We leverage the power of state-of-the-art machinery that includes a boiler with a capacity of 300 Kg. The infected and stained linens are washed in hot water or in the steam generated from the boiler. Then chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, Tinolux BBS Emulsifier or industrial salt are added in the detergent powder for ensuring complete disinfection.

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All chemicals and disinfectants ranging from detergent powders; emulsifiers; Industrial salt and Hydrogen peroxide, to Hydrofloric acid (H.F) Borex; Liq. Ammonia; Softner; Oxalic Acid and Tinopol, are sourced from reputed companies like Hindustan lever, Refanol Chemical, Ciba etc.

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We can offer you the services with following equipments.
Washing Machine (With Hydro Extractor)–150 kg. Capacity –4 Nos.
Hydro Extractor – 75 kg capacity –3 Nos.
Tumbler Dryer – 90 kg capacity – 4 Nos.
Flat bed Press (pneumatic) with big chest.
Calendar (Single cylinder) -2 Nos.
Manual Irons -3Nos.
Steam Boiler – 400kg./Per Hour steam producing capacity.
Air compressor.

Steam Boiler

Capacity : 400 kg/hr steam producing capacity

Manual Irons

Capacity : 3 Nos.

Single Cylinder

Capacity : 2 Nos.

Washing Machine (With Hydro Extractor)

Weight : 150 kg.
Capacity : 4 Nos.

Tumbler Dryer

Weight : 90 kg.
Capacity : 4 Nos.

Flatbed Press (pneumatic)

Flat bed Press (pneumatic) with big chest

Company Fact
GPCB Certified
Solar Powered Boilers
Chemical Disinfection