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Our Services

In-house Laundry

We also offer on-site service facilities in case you happen to establish a dedicated laundry room in your premises itself. With a dedicated laundry facility, you can expect a low cost of ownership along with high-capacity, high-speed performance that stays within your budget. It's no wonder that health care organizations, hotels and motels, athletic facilities and a wide range of other institutions are realizing lower utility and labor costs while enjoying improved laundry productivity.

Factory-side Laundry

We thrive to manage laundries and linen rooms efficiently. We work hard to utilize the best practices from around the world to provide quality washing facilities.

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Water Facility

To serve our clients better, we have initiated an added service of collecting the washables from your premises. We endeavour to provide a complete service package that aims at reducing your workload.

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Machine Capacity

The process starts off after the linens are separated according to the level and type of dirtiness. The linens are cleaned at 80℃ in the first wash cycle for about 40 minutes. The disinfectants are added in the second wash cycle with fresh water for 20 minutes. The last wash cycle is completed by washing the linens in fresh water for about 10 mints.

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The wet linens are put into hydro extractors to extract water. Once that is done, the linens are placed into the dryer.

Ironing of the linens is done through a hot head plate press, while the uniforms are pressed manually and then packed systematically.

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We understand how much people love to receive a quick service. Knowing that, we strive to make all deliveries within a mere 24 hours.

Hotel Industry

Our solutions are designed to ensure a salubrious environment that stems from clean and hygienic laundry: from bed-sheets to curtains to table cloths.

Healthcare Industry

Immaculately clean laundry is essential to protect patients from infection as well as the hospital’s reputation as a highly visible aspect of hospital compliance with rigorous hygiene standards.

Food Industry

We at Fabricare assist the travel industry by ameliorating its ominous responsibility of enhancing the traveller’s experience by providing a comforting and hygienic journey.